Help your child thrive through entrepreneurship, a company providing parental control and monitoring apps, have published an interesting Infografic explaining why we should teach our kids entrepreneurial skills.

We have shared below a number of interesting articles covering the subject and explaining the benefits of teaching young children entrepreneurial skills and explaining them how to solve encountered difficulties and issues rather than feeling powerless.

Children are also very spontaneous and creative, teaching them how to explore and organise their ideas, assess and take risks and learn from their failures is a invaluable skill for their future lives.

If you live in the Greater London area try Kidzania and put your child in charge! This fantastic concept gives children aged 4 to 14 year old the opportunity to explore their dream job through role-play experiences. They also accept groups and schools, so definitely a great day out idea to explore.

You will find some further ideas in the following articles:

8 Entrepreneurial Skills To Teach Your Child

8 Entrepreneurial Skills To Teach Your Child [Infographic] by the team at Pumpic

As always, you are welcome to share your experiences and ideas!

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