Improve Relationships Between Parents and Carers in a Childcare Setting

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The success of a childcare business depends on many factors, but good communication is vital to establish strong relationships with parents and give them confidence in the service you provide. Plus, the more involved parents are with their child’s learning and development, the better the child will progress.

‘Children’s learning is helped when they feel safe and secure, and when their parents and the people in settings they attend work together to ensure that the child’s needs are met.’ EYFS 2007

In order to keep this two-way dialogue open, parents need to be informed about news and events at the childcare centre, as well as their child’s progress. They also need to know that if they have something to share, it can be done easily and effectively. In this increasingly technological age, it’s easier than ever to make excellent communication a feature of your childcare service.

Use Email

As a childcare practitioner, you have a lot to think about on a daily basis. So it’s only natural that sometimes information that needs to be shared springs to mind when the parents are long gone.

Email allows contact with parents at a more convenient time for you both. It’s a quick way to open up a dialogue to share information about a child, such as offering praise or discussing a potential area of concern. In addition, with bulk emails you can let multiple parents know about achievements, upcoming events or general news. What’s more, you can write it when it’s fresh in your mind and ensure the message reaches everybody it concerns.

Email is a great mode of contact for parents too, because it can be sent from wherever they are. They might want to update a child’s allergy information or let you know that someone else will be collecting their child. All this can be handled from the supermarket car park, their workplace, or wherever they think of it. Emails make communication more personalised and convenient.

Keep Track of Important Information

It’s vitally important to have a fail-safe system to track and maintain essential information parents offer about their children, such as medical, allergy and dietary details. If you give a child a food item they are allergic to in error, the consequences can be catastrophic. Plus it could potentially destroy the trust you’ve built up with other parents.

It’s also important for staff to record information they have about children. With EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) achievements up to date, staff can talk confidently with parents about how their child is progressing with their learning and any areas that require development.

Having a bank of accurate information about the children at your centre builds a detailed picture of each child. It puts staff in a better position to care for the children’s individual needs, and makes communication with parents more meaningful.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a centralised database designed to keep all information about your childcare business in one place and fully accessible from all locations using the cloud. By using it for your childcare business, you’ll have time for more quality conversations with parents when they collect their children, rather than wasting valuable time updating records and booking them onto activities.

By using cloud-based software, it’s possible for parents to update information about their child using their home computer or mobile phone. Parents can also receive emails and newsletters, book their children onto activities, and even pay for the services they use, all from the comfort of their home, or wherever they are when the thought springs to mind.

Childcare professionals can keep updated with information about the children’s needs and keep channels of communication open. And handy email alerts advise you about any updated details, so you’re always in the loop. With all the paperwork handled online, parents and carers can have more meaningful discussions in person, so the kids can thrive in the best possible way.

For more information about My Play Service and how we can help you improve communication with parents  and reduce your admin tasks in your childcare business, call +44 207 608 5697.

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