4 new features for you to play with!

My Play Service is a living product and as such, it’s bound to evolve, offer more features and grow. With your help, thanks guys, we have developed two new features. One of which is unheard of in other management systems in the UK, and we have improved two further areas of the system. An upgrade has just been deployed, and you don’t need to worry about updating or installing anything, that’s one of the upsides of using a cloud-based system!

Put the kids in the basket


This one is for the parents, they can now put their kids in the basket – don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds! For those of you who charge memberships, parents can now pay for more than one membership in one transaction. Easier and quicker means happier parents!
Check the video to see how it works.

What you’ve all been waiting for! Keep track of childcare voucher payments


We knew that childcare voucher payments were causing you big headaches, and we wanted to solve this issue. Today, we are proud to announce that we have implemented our best-to-date feature and hopefully you won’t need that many paracetamol anymore, when you reconcile childcare voucher payments!
To solve this painful issue, we have introduced a reconciliation dashboard. Now every childcare voucher payment logged by a parent has a pending status. These payments are then displayed on the reconciliation dashboard, and as you receive payments from childcare voucher providers,
you can record the payment received against the expected amount, as logged by the parent.
No more wondering what is expected to come, now you will always know!

Our little video will tell you how it works.

Diggin’ into the deets

Enjoy glancing at all information from one single page. Forgotten are the days where you had to click, then click, then click again to access children’s, memberships or free childcare entitlement information. When searching for a child or parent’s record you easily access all data on a single page.

Watch more here

No more squinting! squinting

We have added a calendar on the booking summary tab, so when you access a booking you can easily check the dates children are booked in for without struggling to check each line.  A calendar view is all you need, check this out.


That’s it for this time! We hope you will enjoy the benefits of the new features. Let us know what do you think of them? Help us deliver better solutions by giving your feedback.

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