Outstanding Practice in a Childcare Setting

Getting an outstanding judgement by Ofsted is a great achievement for yourOfsted
l childcare centre. When inspectors visit, they’re ooking to see that the individual needs of each child are being met, and that the children are safe, happy and progressing with their development and learning.

Planning interesting and engaging daily activities for children is important, but the way you manage your childcare centre has as much impact on your Ofsted result as the way you manage the kids. By looking carefully at the systems you have in place for the day-to-day running of your business, you can boost your potential for achieving an outstanding rating.

Building Your Team

The childcare industry is notorious for having a high turnover of staff. However, the potential for children to thrive is much higher if they can build up positive, effective relationships with the adults who care for them. So retention of staff is crucial to getting an outstanding judgement.

Building a good team where people feel valued makes them less likely to leave. Most childcare professionals are passionate about what they do and highly effective with their practice. Ensure systems are in place so they can do their job effectively, and listen carefully when any problems or issues arise.

Working With Families

talkWhen the adults in a child’s life form a united front and communicate regularly a
bout the child’s needs, that child makes better progress. Make sure your childcare centre is warm and welcoming to parents, and provide regular opportunities for quality conversations. The more you can learn about children and their families, the more effective you’ll be at meeting the children’s needs and keeping their interest.
Maintain contact with parents in between chats by using technology to send regular emails and newsletters. Ensure this is a two-way conversation by providing parents with the power to pass on important information electronically, such as a child’s allergies or health issues. When parents feel positive about the childcare centre and their interactions with you, it’ll be easier for you to work together to make children’s experiences at your centre positive.

Reflective Practice

Being an outstanding provider isn’t about achieving perfection, but about knowing what is and isn’t working, and having a plan in place for improvement where necessary. Reflective practice involves ongoing assessment and creative problem solving to keep things running smoothly. Stakeholders, such as governors or parents, are key in offering ideas, so make sure you record their thoughts and act where appropriate.

Data about children in your care helps to paint a picture of how well things are going. Digitising records gives you 24/7 access to them via the cloud, so decisions can be made at your convenience, freeing up time in the day to focus on the children’s wellbeing and development.

Managing Paperwork

In a busy childcare centre there’s a lot of important information to deal with on a daily basis. For many professionals, paperwork can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. Having practical systems in place for recordkeeping will ease this pressure. The less paperwork you have, the more time you and your team have to work with children and their families. Storing information in the cloud keeps it central and accessible across a range of devices so everyone is in the loop about what’s going on. This better equips staff to cater for the individual needs of each child.

Childcare Management Software

Digital2In an increasingly digital age, technology is a huge boost to getting or maintaining an outstanding Ofsted judgement.
Childcare management software offers you a way to centralise records, allowing your staff to work more effectively and parents to interact with you at their convenience. Such technology creates more diverse channels of communication so you can build better relationships with staff and parents. Plus, it gives you the tools to see how effective your childcare centre is, and shows you where you can make improvements that might help to boost your Ofsted rating.

For more information on how child management software could support you in gaining or maintaining an outstanding Ofsted judgement, call My Play Service now on +44 207 608 5697 or start you free trial here.


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