The Future of Childcare

Childcare + technology = success says Microsoft, and with 79% of all families with children aged 0-14 using some form of childcare, according to the Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents 2014 to 2015, most children will encounter it at some point in their young lives.

With the government promising 30 free hours of childcare in the coming year, the number of families using childcare is set to rise. This will put more strain than ever on childcare centres to meet demands and provide an outstanding service for parents and children.

Microsoft calls childcare a ‘balancing act’, and in many ways it is. Not only do managers need to make sure their business is making money, but the individual needs of children, parents and staff need to be catered for. Trying to make a childcare centre a safe and happy place for everybody is a little like juggling. However, technology can make matters much easier now and will continue to do so in the future.

The Future of Communication

Leaving a child in childcare is not always an easy decision for parents because they’ll miss out on valuable time with their child. With the best intentions in the world, it’s tricky for childcare professionals to keep track of everything a child does during the session, let alone have the time to give thorough feedback to parents.
But these kinds of communication issues can be eliminated with the use of software. For childcare providers, software allows you to make contact with parents at a time that’s convenient for you, sharing information about their child via email, and it lets you send newsletters home automatically via email. From the parents’ point of view, they can send you urgent information such as absences or dietary information as and when they think about it, with you receiving an email notification so you can make the necessary adjustments immediately.
With parents being able to contact you more readily and receiving regular updates about their child’s progress, they’ll feel like their voice is being heard and the health and safety of their child is top priority. Happy parents will have nothing but positive things to say about your childcare centre.

The Future of Recordkeeping

As a society, we are moving towards a paperless existence with more processes than ever being automated. When you take into account that one of the biggest reasons for childcare staff leaving the profession is excessive paperwork, you can see it makes sense to digitise records. Technology allows records to be kept in the cloud so they are easily accessible 24/7 by all staff, and can be updated at a convenient time from anywhere. Parents can also update information remotely about their child, and book sessions online using a range of devices.

Keeping track of finances has never been more important. With automated invoicing and payments online, parents know where they are with money and so do you. This will prevent the likelihood of missed payments, and allow you to plan for the future of your business with up-to-date financial information at the click of a button.

‘Knowledge is power as they say, and having detailed information… leads to decisions that are based on concrete evidence and trends.’ Microsoft, Childcare Excellence in the Modern Age
With all the information being held in one easily accessible place, managers will be empowered to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their businesses, so striving for success has never been easier. By automating tasks, your staff will save valuable time and this will keep morale high. Being able to access records at their convenience makes paperwork easier to manage, and with information at their fingertips, staff can work more efficiently doing the job they love.

‘Effective and efficient operations allow you to provide the highest quality of care to children and the best service to parents, while ensuring your staff are given every opportunity to succeed, and your business is able to not only survive, but thrive in an ever-changing industry.’ Microsoft, ‘The Future of Technology and Childcare

To find out how you could use technology to future-proof your childcare business, call My Play Service +44 207 608 5697.


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