Magicbooking: Testimonial Tuesday – February

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Magicbooking: Testimonial Tuesday – February

We have had some lovely feedback from many of the amazing schools, breakfast clubs, wraparound care providers and more who have joined magicbooking recently:


Beecroft Academy  

Emma Taylor, Finance And & Office Manager

In recent years Beecroft has increased its offer of enrichment activities for the children and arranged residential visits for many of the year groups which led to a huge increase in financial contributions from parents.  The volume of monies coming into the school office had increased to such an extent that the collection, recording and banking of these monies was taking up a large part of our finance assistant’s day so we had to consider an alternative to the manual system in place. 

We researched a number of companies that offered an online booking and payment system but the first priority had to be compatibility with Integris, our pupil data-base.  Our research highlighted three companies which we felt would offer us what we needed and we invited them to come in and demonstrate their systems.   

Having looked at the three options, we felt that Magicbooking offered us just what we were looking for – a system which was compatible with Integris, was user friendly for both the parents and the staff  and enabled us to produce the reports we needed to reconcile our income with the parental accounts and offered good support, when required.   

The system has been fully operational since September. Needless to say, there were teething problems, as there are with all new systems however Magicbooking resolved any issues reported to them very quickly. Nothing was too much trouble.  It took a little while for us to persuade our parents that this was the way forward, but the majority have now signed up. The only cash we now collect is for fund raising activities. The benefits are: 

  • an online system that is easily managed by the admin team
  • activity leaders can review bookings on their activities without having to ask a member of the admin team for assistance
  • very little cash to be counted and banked so more time for other tasks
  • less debt because parents have topay within two hours of booking activities.  Failure to do so means that they cannot book anything else until the debit is paid. 
  • Excellent system support when required.


Rose Hill

Lisa Bower, School Business Manager   

We run a large before and after school club with around 100 children attending every day. We had been trying to make other payment systems work but it didn’t do what we needed it to. Over the course of eighteen months I looked at various systems and had demonstrations by companies, none of which did everything that we needed. Eventually we came across Magic Booking.  

We moved over to this system in September, and it has made a huge difference to the way in which the club runs, the collection of payments and the day to day paperwork, such as printing out of registers. 

The training and support has been very thorough, and the parents have all been very complimentary about the system. The best thing is that they cannot book a slot if they have any money owing, and we are finding this is taking away any tricky conversations regarding outstanding debt 


Many great schools, breakfast clubs, wraparound care and more are joining magicbooking.  Why not book a free demo?  Our team will be able to show you how magicbooking can save you time and money.  Use the tool below to book a demo at a time that suits you.