Feature in Focus – Magicbooking Registers

Feature in focus Registers

Feature in Focus – Magicbooking Registers

magicbooking massively reduces the workload and administration which surrounds the taking of registers for schools and clubs. The accuracy with which registers need to be completed means that staff can spend large amounts of time meticulously checking details of these documents. With magicbooking, this process could not be more simple and in today’s feature in focus we thought we would demonstrate how magicbooking can save your staff’s valuable time and deliver complete accuracy.

Live Registers

Benefit from live registers automatically populated and updated in real-time. The way it works is simple. Attendance capacity is set-up for each club and parents or admins can book clubs until full capacity is reached. ancelled places become instantly available to re-book for other parents. Every booked or cancelled session automatically populates or updates the live register. As well as automatically updating, magicbooking registers clearly display children’s data (medical, dietary, SEND, consents, etc) while injuries, incidents and notes can easily be logged. Live registers eliminate the need for manually completing and updating paperwork and frees up time.

Check-In and Check-Out:

Not only does magicbooking instantly generate attendance lists, but with the check-in feature, the process of marking child absences could not be easier. The electronic register allows you to check a child in or mark them absent which automatically time-stamps the register. Marked a child absent by mistake? Errors are not a problem with magicbooking as there is an undo button to edit your selection at any time.

Similarly, the check-out feature logs the time the child left the premises and who collected them. There is also an enforced collection password option which allows for further security when a collector comes to collect a child after the session has ended. If a collector is late, you can even charge them a fee at this point should you wish to.

Export, Print and Sending Options

The print options are a hugely popular feature of the system, you can select the columns you want to export to an excel spreadsheet, and subsequently print out and file them for your records. As well as exporting and printing off registers, magicbooking enables you to send a secure link to access the register and children’s data to any email addresses both automatically or on demand.

Late bookings

With the late booking feature, children can be booked onto an activity at the last minute without any hassle. This is especially useful if a parent shows up with a child without a booking. From the register, you can easily late-book the child, which automatically updates the register and generates the invoice. This also allows you to add any charges you should wish to apply to the booking.

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