Help the wraparound care sector – please support us!

Help the wraparound sector

Help the wraparound care sector – please support us!

As you know, the wraparound care sector has severely struggled during the pandemic due to reduced demand. Yet, the sector has been forgotten by the Government and has received no direct financial support. Many services have closed temporarily, and some have shut for good. Even those that have remained open, their position is becoming increasingly untenable and without urgent financial support many more services are at risk of closure.

Junior Adventures Group (www.junioradventuresgroup.com.au) has formed a coalition with other key wraparound care providers to work on lobbying the Government for support.

As many of our clients are in the wraparound care sector, we are fully supporting this campaign and asking for your support too. In particular, we are looking for signatories to support the below open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer which sets out the case for funding.

Letter to government

Download a PDF of the letter here.

If you are interested in supporting the letter, please follow the link:


and sign up by the close of play on 10 December. Your name will be added to the list of supporting organisations.

We really appreciate your help in this matter and we hope that 2021 brings some positive news!