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Software highlights

Customisable forms

Dynamic forms offer flexibility around what information you would like to collect when a child is registered.

This includes a comprehensive selection of fields that can easily be activated.  You can also add your own custom questions allowing you to build your own registration questionnaire so that you meet your individual needs.

Clubs booking system

Online payments

Our online payment system allows you to send emails and SMS messages to all parents or just a select group of parents, such as those booked on for particular days or trips.

The system allows you to schedule your communication for a specific time or date, providing you with the flexibility to broadcast your messages at the right time for you.

System generated communications such as booking confirmations and reminders are automatically sent by the system.

Clubs payment system

Live availability and registers

Parents can book online based on live availability. Attendance capacity is set-up by each club, enabling parents to book until the activity is full.

Cancelled places become instantly available to re-book for other parents.

Every booked session automatically populates the live register which can be accessed from any device with an Internet access including iPad and tablets.

Clubs booking payment and communication system with live availability and registers

Parent communications

With our parent communication app, you can send emails and SMS messages to some or all of your parents, such as those booked on for a particular activity.

Schedule your communication for any time or date and broadcast your messages at the appropriate times.

System generated communication such as booking confirmations and reminders are automatically sent.

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"The system has made a huge difference to the way we run our clubs. Parents cannot book slots if any money is owing and this takes away any tricky conversations about outstanding debts."

Lisa Bower, ​School Business Manager, Rose Hill School

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