31.12.20 11:47 PM By Tracy

For most of us looking back there have been some hurdles to get over in our personal and professional lives in 2020. But to add a bit of positivity going forward, we wanted to give our customers and those in the industry, a round-up of some of our 2020 achievements. It is important to celebrate these little victories and we hope that reading about these little 'silver linings' will help you reflect on some of yours, whether they are large or very small, personal or professional.

  • We made some great strides in product development, here are some of the new changes:

    Register headcount feature - The register now shows the total number of children in your care, this information will assist you when you have a fire drill etc.

    New form information - We have created a new EHCP and medication form, which contains all the important information you need to collect. The new accident form captures Ofsted and RIDDOR information.

    New parent site - we have overhauled our parent site so is more intuitive and easy-to-use with additional functionality.

    New reporting tools - we have extended to our suite of reports so you can get more in-depth information about your     organisation.

  • We offered a range of new customer training sessions and masterclasses

    Customer training - We introduced FREE customer training sessions, which were very popular. They were designed to help our customers make the most of the system. Each session picked a popular topic where we drilled into more detail. They are hosted by our customer support team on Zoom and customers got the chance to ask question. Such sessions included: Adding new activities, communicating with parents, using the system for marketing and using email templates.

    Expert Masterclasses - These FREE sessions, which lasted 45 minutes, were hosted on Zoom, and offered our customers and anybody in the industry a refresher on topic areas pertinent to the education sector. Run by an expert in the field, the sessions were designed to extend the attendees knowledge and skillset. The sessions included: Are you GDPR compliant and are you OFSTED ready?


  • Improving the customer experience

    New help desk widget - Customers can now reach us through a chat widget, and the chat transcript will be logged as a ticket, so they do not have to log a ticket for something already reported in a chat conversation.

We hope this blog has shed a bit of light on what we have been up to this year, and that 2021 will be more 'normal' so we can build on all our achievements and successes! You can see a product overview of the Magicbooking system for more information, get in touch to find out more or book a demoto see our booking system in action.