09.04.21 11:04 AM By Tracy


Have you had to deal with the extra stress of cancelling school trips due to the pandemic and communicating with parents about the change of circumstances? The admin involved in getting payments refunded to parents has probably been a headache, this could have been different if an electronic school trip management platform had been implemented. 

In addition to cancelling school trips, with 
our school trips module, you can set up a variety of different types of trips. and once you have created the trip you can communicate the details to parents, without the need for paper communication. This information may include, what children need to bring, the number of spaces available, and of course cost, payment method and any cancellation terms and conditions.

Our school trip software will produce all the necessary electronic documents, these could include; invoices, booking confirmations, payment reminders, and notifications for missed instalments. Teachers can get an attendance register for the trip, which can be viewed at any time from an Internet-enabled device. Children can be marked as present on the online register too. 


Consent, payment and communication for the trip is also handled efficiently and you have an instant view of what is going on. Parents can consent and reply electronically. You can choose to offer different payment types, let parents' pay a deposit to guarantee their child's space or require full payment to be made upfront. You can also offer an instalment payment plan - you can even set up payments to be charged to a parent’s card on a specific day. If credits need to be given, this can be done easily. It's nice for parents to know that you can easily contact them during the trip and leading up to the trip you can email or SMS the whole group of parents or just a select group reminding them about payment deadlines or distributing important information. You can pick and choose when communications go out by scheduling them in advance.

So if you want to overhaul the way you manage your school trips and events, contact us today or book a demo. Or for more info go to our school trips online booking system page.