16.03.21 11:47 PM By Tracy

Are you thinking of using a system to automate the processes in your after school club? There are some essential features that your future booking system should have. These should include the automation of registrations, booking and payments along with the processing of some of your admin tasks. Read on to find out more:

Can my customers make automated registrations? An after school club booking system should offer parents the ability to register online, add their children and update their information at any time. There should be no need for paper forms and you should be able to benefit from reduced print and paper costs. This automation eliminates any need to re-key information on a spreadsheet or chasing up parents who have not provided the required information.   

Can my customers make automated bookings? An after school club system should enable parents to book online 24/7 and the availability of sessions should be calculated, avoiding overbookings. The system should be able to calculate sibling and weekly discounts, and special rates and free childcare entitlement can be applied and recalculated in case of booking cancellations. An automated system equates to a much more efficient process than spending hours on Excel spreadsheets.  

Are my admin tasks automated? 
An online booking system for after-school clubs should reduce the number of unnecessary calls or communication to customers as most admin is either passed onto them or automated. This time can then be re-focussed around the children and the club, instead of carrying out repetitive administrative tasks.

Can my customers make automated payments? 
After school club software should let parents' pay online by card and pay by instalments for bookings. The system should let them pay for the academic year, spread payments throughout the period and calculate a plan. Card payments are reconciled on the system. The system should accept payments by childcare vouchers or Tax-Free Childcare, either in instalments or as a one-off payment, and through standing orders. This allows for tighter financial control and better visibility. It should also reduce payments received in cash or cheques, reducing lost money and incurring cashing fees.

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