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How much does it cost?

Magicbooking offers different services each priced individually. Services can be combined together to offer the right package for you. You can use our pricing page to find out how much your package will cost.

Are there any additional charges?

In addition to your monthly or yearly subscription, there are additional charges that you may wish to take into consideration. Some of these are optional.

One-off Fees

Set-up Fee: this is a small one-off fee, check our pricing page to access our current prices.

Training Fee: You can choose between online and onsite training, check our pricing page to access our current prices.

Variable Fees

Payment Gateway Fees: Magicbooking comes complete with an integrated payment gateway allowing you to take card payments online and set-up automatic recurring card payments for your clients. Card payments incur bank charges; each card transaction made through our payment gateway attracts a fee levied by the bank. Our current card fees are 1.7% plus VAT.

Why are there card fees?

Card fees are levied by the banking industry, every card transaction processed attracts a fee.

How much do you charge for card transactions?

Card fees are charged at 1.7% plus VAT

Who is liable to pay card transaction fees?

You are! Since the new legislation came into force on 13/01/18, providers are no longer permitted to pass on card fees to their clients. However, magicbooking allows you to charge a booking fee.

How long does it take to get my business up and running on magicboooking?

Once your subscription is active and you have taken your training, you can start advertising your activities and using the website. It can take as little as 48 hours, but typically it takes between 1 and 3 weeks depending on your availability for the training.

How do I subscribe?

You can either use our online cost calculator and complete your booking online, or you can contact us to discuss your needs and confirm your subscription package.

How do I pay?

Payments are taken by card or paid by standing order upfront monthly or yearly depending on your subscription.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer volume discounts for organisations with multi-location clubs and schools. Packages are also available for organisations buying more than one service, check our pricing page for details.

Do I have to register all my locations at once?

This is entirely up to you. The system allows you to onboard all your locations at once, but if you feel more comfortable to roll-out magicbooking in phases you are welcome to do so.

Can your system adhere to our cancellation policy?

Magicbooking allows you to set-up cancellation rules for each club or activity you publish.

You can either stop users from cancelling, allow them to cancel but only generate a credit note if the cancellation is made ‘n’ days/weeks/months before the booking starts or allow them to cancel without generating any credit note.

As an admin you can also always generate a credit note for a booking that was previously cancelled outside the cancellation period.

How does your system reduce debts?

Magicbooking has been designed to help you stay on top of your finances by facilitating and streamlining payment processes.

Several features help you reduce your debts:

Online payments and automated instalments

Not only does magicbooking allow parents to pay online at the point of booking, but also allows you to let them pay by monthly instalments. Monthly instalments are calculated by the system based on the duration of the booking. After the first upfront payment has been made, remaining instalments are then taken from the same card saved on the system. To reduce the risk of failed payments due to a lack of funds on the card, reminders are automatically sent to parents prior to a payment being taken.

Upfront payments 

Magicbooking allows upfront payment either partially or in full. This eliminates the risk of having places booked but not paid for. It also reduces the need to chase debts to almost nil.

Overdraft threshold

Magicbooking allows you to set-up an overdraft threshold for parent’s accounts. If a parent’s account is in arrears and above the threshold, the system blocks them from making any further bookings, and only insists that they pay the overdue balance first.

How does your system reduce administrative tasks?

Magicbooking automates 85% of the admin tasks organisations typically have to perform, this includes:

Feature Benefit Saving
Online booking Parents book online 24/7 based on live availability No more registration and booking forms to generate, print-out and hand-out or emails and texts to deal with and reply to
Automated invoice generation Parents get their invoice as soon as their booking is placed You no longer need to keep a tally of days consumed, sibling or weekly discounts that you might apply

You no longer need to generate invoices

Automated register population – Registers are automatically generated and updated based on bookings made or cancelled.

– Registers are automatically sent to one or more recipients

– Dietary requirements, allergies, medical information, birthdays are flagged on the register

– Get 100% paperless (although printing registers are available if you still need to use paper ones)

You no longer need to keep track availability, the register does it all on its own
Automated discount calculation All eligible discounts are automatically calculated and adjusted if cancellations are made. Error proof! No need to spend hours checking days attended or days cancelled, magicbooking keeps tract of everything for you

Can I import our customer data?

Yes, when you start using magicbooking, you can preload accounts by importing parent’s data and their children. Parents will then have to complete the registration by adding any further information that is required, such as consents, allergies, medical information, authorised collectors, emergency contact, etc.

Do I need to apply for a merchant account with the bank and maintain compliance?

No, magicbooking comes complete with a built-in payment gateway, we hold PCI level 1 compliance.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer both online and onsite training to ensure you are fully equipped to use magicbooking to its full potential.

Throughout training, we help you set up your organisation, create your clubs and activities, your pricing structure including any discounts you might have in place, create admins and train you on how to use the system on a daily basis.

Online training sessions can be booked by the hour, although we do recommend 3 hours for a proper onboarding training. This can be split into two sessions.

Onsite training lasts for 4 hours, followed by a 2-hour screen-sharing session booked at your convenience by 30 minute slots. Check our pricing page to access our current prices.

How will I be trained?

Online training is delivered using screen-sharing sessions. We go through the different set-up stages and train you on all the areas of the system that you will need to use to operate your business.

Onsite training is more interactive and hands-on. You will actively participate in all aspects of the set-up and use the system intensively.

Do you help with the setup?

Yes, during the training we help you set up the system, create activities, admins, admin and parent groups. We will get you up to speed and make sure you are comfortable using magicbooking.

Do you offer ongoing support? What if I have a problem once we are live?

Our magicbooking Customer Care team is trained to assist clients in their day-to-day operations, if you need any assistance you can reach our Customer Care team via our dedicated help desk, you can raise tickets online from the system and check tickets’ statuses and access previous replies sent to you.

Following your onboarding process, new clients are closely monitored through phone calls and emails to answer any questions or provide assistance, if any problem arises our team will support you and resolve the issue with you.

In addition, our user guide is available online 24/7.

Do you integrate with our accounting software?

We do not integrate with accounting software; magicbooking automatically generates all invoices or credit notes so you don’t need to send data into your accounting system to do that. You can however generate CSV reports to import data into your accounting software.

Do I need a server to host and operate your product?

No, magicbooking is hosted on the Cloud (Microsoft Azure Cloud), so the only thing you need is an Internet connection and a tablet or laptop.

Do I need my web developers to integrate the system to the website?

No, we do the integration ourselves, you simply need to ask your website designer or graphist designer to provide us with the CSS file -sorry for techy jargon. We can get in touch with them directly to get the information we need.

Do I need to have a website to operate your system?

No, this is not necessary, magicbooking is a standalone web-based system, if you don’t have a website, you can add an hyperlink pointing to magicbooking on your facebook page or share the link using your own communication channel.

Am I able to brand the magicbooking system to match my website?

As part of your subscription, you can select a colour scheme and upload your logo to the magicbooking system.

We can also skin magicbooking to look like your website too. You will need to provide the CSS from your web developer in order for us to do this. We will then integrate this onto the magicbooking platform at a cost of £600.00. This cost is based on the template you provide and any further changes to the design in the future will incur additional charges.

We are in Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Do you operate in these parts of Britain?

Yes, magicbooking currently operates in the whole of the UK.

When is the best time to start the system?

It is always best to start using magicbooking at the beginning of an ‘invoicing period’, for example at the beginning of a term or half term or for a holiday period if you offer holiday play schemes.

Are you able to handle multiple locations/clubs in the system?

Yes, magicbooking allows you to create different locations. Our biggest client manages over 115 clubs on magicbooking! You can grant admins with access to some or all locations.

Our powerful reporting tool also allows you to compare how each club performs and access aggregated data.

We have a large club, can the system manage this?

Yes! Magicbooking works with clubs of all shapes and sizes. Magicbooking uses ‘autoscale’ which means that our servers automatically increase their capacity when there is a surge of connection.

Is it possible to have a live register in a club without Wi-Fi access?

If you do not have Wi-Fi access onsite, we recommend that you operate a cut-off time policy to give you enough time to print-off the registers and circulate them to the relevant location. Magicbooking automatically manages your cut-off time policy and sends the registers to one or several email addresses.

What if a parent opts out of marketing, can I still email them from the system?

Yes, our communication module allows you to overwrite the communication preference, this allows you to email or send SMS to parents when you share non-marketing communication.

What kind of payment types can I use with magicbooking?

You can use any payment types, i.e. card, cheques, TFC, childcare vouchers, standing orders, cash and promotional vouchers.

Magicbooking enables you to select which payment types your organisation accepts for each activity or club.

Do you collect all types of payment on my behalf?

No, we only collect card payments on your behalf. Other types of payment are directly dealt with by your organisation.

Do you charge a fee for payments received by cheque, cash or childcare vouchers?

No, we only charge a fee for card transactions.

Can I have my own payment gateway?

We recommend using our built-in payment gateway (Global Payments) which is included in your subscription, however we can integrate with your own payment gateway.   You will be subject to normal card fees direct from your acquiring bank.  We also charge an integration fee of £1,500 to setup your own payment gateway from Global Payments or £2000 for another gateway provider.

The ongoing maintenance of this integration which includes automatically monthly card cleaning process (removing stored cards which payment gateway providers charge for storing) is charged at £50 per month.

When do you repay the money collected on my behalf?

The funds collected on your behalf are paid into your bank account on a weekly basis by bank transfer. Payments are made every Friday for the period covering the previous week (Monday to Sunday). If a Friday falls on a Bank holiday, the payment is made the following working day. Weekly statements are available online.

Can I monitor transactions paid by card from magicbooking?

Yes, payments received are shown in magicbooking in real time and can easily be monitored.

How long does subscriptions last?

This depends on the subscription chosen, subscriptions are available on a monthly or yearly basis and are automatically renewed until terminated by either party.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be terminated by either party on three months advance written notice at the end of the initial period, which is 1 month for monthly subscriptions and 12 months for yearly ones.

Is magibooking GDPR compliant?

Magicbooking offers all the necessary features to help you comply with GDPR, for example, we collect communication preferences from parents, we offer them the ability to maintain their personal information online, so they are in control of the data we/you hold about them, we allow them to request the right to be forgotten, we use secure connection with encryption, etc…

But compliance is something that needs to be implemented internally. So if for instance, instead of using their own personal credentials, admins decide to share them so they all access the system with the same account, you won’t be GDPR compliant.

So magicbooking definitely helps you becoming GDPR compliant but you also need to ensure that your internal processes are compliant too.

Data confidentiality

We are registered with the Data Protection Act 1998 under the number ZA232508(ICO.). We respect the confidentiality of your information and information provided by parents/carers. We only share parents/carers and children’s data with the centres you are registered with.

Read our Privacy Policy

I only run a small club. Is magicbooking suitable for me?

Yes, we work with clubs of all sizes and find the time saved doing manual processes more than covers the cost of the system – even for very small individual clubs.

Do I need access to the school Wi-Fi to benefit from the system?

No. The majority of settings we work with use a tablet to operate a live register. You can use any tablet, with many clubs buying refurbished iPads from Ebay at reasonable prices. We recommend getting data Wi-Fi so you are not reliant on an Internet connectivity to operate. There are other options such as using a mobile dongle too.

Can I still print my register?

Yes. You can still print your register, but our system helps clubs become paperless by allowing a live register online. Most of the settings we work with, utilise a tablet to have a live register where parents can sign in and out of directly from the tablet itself.