Platform Features

Online bookings
Parents can book and pay for their children’s activities online – or you can do it for them too.

Automated recurring payments
Allow parents to spread the cost over the period of the booking and dramatically reduce late payments. Our cleverly designed payment plan calcurator ensures the last instalment date occurs at least 18 days before the last date booked. Safe for you, easy for parents!

Online management & responsive application
magicbooking offers a comprehensive web-based management and booking solution. There is no software to install, data is securely stored and accessible 24/7 by centre managers and admins. Parents can book and access their account online from anywhere.

Automatic generation of daily registers, invoicing and calculation of discounts
Both parents and yourselves are able to make bookings while the system automatically prevents double or over bookings and generates the registers.
Invoicing is a smart and simple process as well; the system automatically calculates prices based on user groups or rules for sibling, weekly or other discounts, then generate and send invoices.

Several payment methods
Payments by card, card instalment, standing order, childcare voucher, cheque and cash.

Automatic calculation for EYFS, FSM and pupil premium entitlement
Any childcare discount entitlement is cleverly checked and automatically calculated.

Unlimited administrators
Most management systems charge per administrator using the system, not magicbooking! You can have as many administrators accessing your system as you need.

Reporting module
Wide range of reports including, but not limited to, income, outstanding money and overdue payments, children with allergies, dietary requirements, disabilities or SEN.

Merchant service
Comprehensive online payment solution using MyPlayService payment gateway and merchant ID*. Card transaction fees can either be borne by your organisation or transferred to end-users (your clients), in which case the fee is added to the amount paid by end-users when they make their bookings. A statement itemising each transaction is accessible online. The money collected on your behalf is paid into your organisation’s bank account on a weekly basis. A monthly invoice is raised and sent to your organisation along with a monthly statement for the card fees.

*We provide third-party integration, so you can use your own payment gateway, contact us for further details

Accident log capability
You can log accident on the system to keep track of these records, the details of the accident can be sent to parents too when relevant. The accident report helps you draw patterns and identify hazards or accident-prone areas.

Marketing/mail merge tool
Send newsletters and information to all or a group of targeted parents using filters. You can target parents of children in specific age groups, attending a particular school or booked for specific clubs or dates . This way you are sure to get your message across to the relevant group of parents. 

Membership management
You can apply and manage yearly memberships to either the account holder level (1 membership per parent) .

Branded version
magicbooking front-end website, branded with your logo and colour scheme. No one will ever know you are using a third party software! Organisations must provide their CSS.