Our market-leading out-of-school clubs management system enables you to increase your wraparound care provision income and allow 24/7 online bookings, as well as generate live registers, manage availability and communications, take payments, create invoices, calculate discounts and centralise important data and documents. This module enables your customers to set up advanced bookings for the term or academic year and book any combination of days subject to availability. You can set up monthly auto-charge instalments for longer-term bookings and features a unique Tax-Free Childcare payments reconciliation payments tool. Magicbooking is suitable for single or multi-site providers who run breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs. 

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Software highlights

24/7 live availability

​Parents can book online 24/7 based on live availability, preventing overbooking and optimising business opportunities. Cancellations are also taken into account, allowing other parents to book on so you don’t lose out.

The system manages capacity for overlapping sessions, so you can offer flexible booking times and duration.

Magicbooking allows you to set notice periods, cut-off times and cancellation policies so credit notes are generated if your cancellation policy has been observed.

Every booked session automatically populates the live register which can be accessed from any device with Internet access including iPads and tablets.

Out of school system live availability

Document generation

  • ​Our out-of-school club system assists you by automating many admin tasks. Document generation accounts for a large part of this automation. For each booking made, a number of documents are automatically generated:
  • A booking confirmation sent by email
  • An invoice, available from the parent account and the admin account.
  • The electronic attendance register is automatically populated
  • The parent statement is automatically updated
  • A payment plan (where necessary)
  • Reminders for upcoming direct debits are scheduled

Invoices, registers, payment plan details and statements are readily available from the system and safely stored for statutory purposes, but can be accessed easily if required.

Using the reporting capabilities, you can easily understand the current status of your out-of-school club.

Out of school system document generation

Payments online

​With our online payment system you can determine what payment options you accept for each activity or club, this could be card, childcare voucher or TFC, standing order, direct debit or promotional vouchers.

Payment plans (Childcare vouchers, TFC, DD, SO) are automatically calculated based on the duration of the booking.

Card instalments are automatically taken from the card provided by the parent, and allocated to the relevant account which means zero administration is needed from you. Our unique childcare voucher reconciliation area makes allocating vouchers extremely quick and easy. 

Using custom rules, you can easily set-up discounts such as sibling, weekly, free childcare entitlements, pupil premium, staff reductions and much more. 

Our payment system helps reduce debts by instigating overdraft thresholds, disabling customers to book any further sessions if they reach the threshold.

Out of school clubs payment online


With all data centralised in one place, it makes it easy to comply with Ofsted and GDPR.

Data stored on magicbooking includes full medical details, allergies, dietary requirements, doctors’ details, parental consents, named collectors and collection passwords.

With the electronic register, the system time-stamps children’s arrival and departure time to and from the club in line with Ofsted requirements. 

Our attendance register lets you know what children are due in and who attended on the day, as well as how many children are in at any one time.

Injury and incident reporting is done via the booking system, making it easy to identify whether an areas is prone to accidents and offering full transparency for Ofsted.

Magicbooking helps you comply with the GDPR regulation by offering customers the right to be forgotten, gives you full control of personal data and enables anonymisation of data. While any statutory information which is required will be available as long as required by law.

Out of school compliance and GDPR system

Parent communication

​The parent communication module allows you to communicate with parents using email and SMS.

Emails and SMS messages can be sent to all or a group of parents whose children are booked in for a particular location, school or activity. You are also able to send messages to parents who have booked for a particular date, date range or those with accounts in arrears.

Parent communications can be scheduled to be sent out on a future date and time or immediately. Reports are available to view recipients and any messages that failed to send.

System generated communications such as booking confirmations, booking amendment notifications, payment reminders and missed payment notifications are automatically sent by the system.

Out of school communications system
Out-of-school clubs pricing

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"Magicbooking has streamlined our bookings and childcare-related administration considerably, which is allowing the team to spend more time with the children. The Magicbooking team are very helpful when we have a request or require assistance and always come back to us with an update on progress"

Judith Priest, ​Senior Communities Officer, ​Aylesbury Town Council

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