IT Support Partnership

We are regularly contacted by IT Support companies who work with schools to discuss integrations between other systems and magicbooking or to find out more about our solution following a need being highlighted by a school they work with.

Magicbooking is an end-to-end solution that also integrates with school management information systems via a Groupcall.  We can work with IT support companies regarding any other integration requirements.

magicbooking makes your life easier by displacing multiple systems that are reliant on old hardware with a new end to end solution.

We offer full implementation, training and ongoing support of our product whether this is through you or directly with the school.  The average school using magicbooking saves thousands by streamlining IT infrastructure and reducing costs in other areas such as the catering bills of the school.

How does it work?

If you provide IT support and consultancy to schools and academies who are trying to streamline their processes while reducing cost, you can introduce Magicbooking to the school.

We can give you a full demo of Magicbooking so that you can gauge the benefits this can bring to a school.

What’s the reward?

For each school or academy onboarded through to you, Magicbooking gives an introduction fee of 20% calculated on the first yearly annual fee paid by school.

The school you introduce us to also benefit from a 10% discount off the list price.