Our pricing is calculated per module and per location with discounts for multiple locations and solution bundles.

​Out-of-school clubs and classes pricing

Out-of-school clubs
Children in a out-of-school club

Our out-of-school clubs module enables your customers to set up advanced bookings for the term or academic year and book any combination of days subject to availability. You can set up monthly auto-charge instalments for longer-term bookings and use childcare voucher payments. 

for out of school clubs
Out of school club pricing

​£836 per year

Card Transaction fee: 1.9%

Prices exclude VAT

Based on 25 children in your setting, this works out to be less than £4 per operating day and 16p per child.

Clubs and classes
Children in a dance club

Our clubs and classes module is for clubs where customers block book a full program at a fixed price (for example a 10-12 week course which is on a fixed day at a set price for all sessions). This may be suitable for holiday clubs that enforce block attendance.

for clubs and classes
Clubs and classes pricing

​£297 per year
Card Transaction fee: 3.5%

Prices exclude VAT

General pricing questions

Can you tell me more about your pricing structure?

Our pricing is based around what services you require and you have the choice to pay for your subscription monthly or annually. Payment is taken upfront by direct debit. 

Do you provide volume discounts?

Yes, we do offer volume discounts for clubs with multi-location sites. Please contact us for more information here.

Are there any additional charges?

There may be additional charges for some of our after-sales services, these may include:

  • A Set-up Fee - A small one-off fee. 
  • A Training Fee - You can choose between online and onsite training. 
  • School MIS integration - A fee of £250 plus VAT, then £12 plus VAT per month.
  • Card transaction Fee - The platform comes with an integrated payment gateway (Elavon) which allows you to take one-off and recurring card payments. These card payments incur bank charges and each card transaction made through the payment gateway is subject to a fee levied by the bank, which currently is 1.9% plus VAT (15p plus VAT minimum). There is no fee for cheques, cash or childcare vouchers. The funds collected on your behalf are paid into your bank account on a weekly basis by bank transfer. 
  • Website integration (optional) - We can customise magicbooking so that it looks like your website for a seamless end-users experience. There is a one-off fee of £399 plus VAT, this cost may be subject to change if further changes to the design template are required. By default you can choose the theme colour and add your logo free of charge.
Do you offer discounts if I purchase more than one module?
  • You can select one or more modules and we offer discounts bundles depending on the module combinations you choose. You can select a standalone module or any combination of modules.  Please request more information here.
How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless terminated by either party. Either party must give one-month written notice at the end of any invoicing period.

How can I justify the cost?

The system improves the way you handle payments, how?

Magicbooking helps you dramatically reduce debt levels and stay on top of your finances by automating and streamlining payment processes.

  • You can accept different payment types such as card, cheques, TFC, childcare vouchers, standing orders, cash and promotional vouchers. But of course, using online card payment is the most efficient payment method to prevent late payments, bad debts and reduce admin time.
  • Online payments 
    Providing online payments and a single place for parents to pay for different activities, means that payments can be processed quickly and reconciled easily. Parents can pay online at the time of booking and via different payment types, including Tax-Free Childcare, single card payment and card instalments.
  • Pay by instalments 
    Parents can book their child in for a series of sessions and choose to pay by instalments. Instalments are calculated by the system based on the duration of the booking. After the first upfront payment has been made, remaining instalments are then automatically taken from the card saved on the system. To reduce the risk of failed payments, due to a lack of funds on the card, reminders are automatically sent to parents prior to a payment being taken. 
  • Upfront payments 
    You can enable deposits or full upfront payments. This eliminates the risk of having places booked but not paid for. It also reduces the need to chase debts.
  • Overdraft thresholds
    You can set-up an overdraft threshold applicable to all parents and editable at the parent's level for increased flexibility. This prevents parents from making further booking if their account is in arrears and above the threshold. It ensures they pay the overdue balance first. This not only avoids financial losses, but also saves an organisation from having awkward discussions with parents.
  • Reporting 
    It is easy to retrieve financial reports from a comprehensive reporting system covering all financial data, which is clear, customisable, accurate and can aid tracking and chasing.  
The system automates many administrative tasks, what do these include?

Magicbooking automates 85% of the admin tasks your organisation performs:

  • Dealing with booking forms and booking confirmations, as parents can now book online 24/7, based on live availability and confirmations are automatically generated.
  • Calculating parents usage and charges due, applying relevant discounts and generating invoices and credit notes.
  • Generating and distributing registers and keeping track of your sessions' headcount. In addition, you can instantly view a particular child's attendance and record and access important personal and safety information (such as approved collector information, dietary requirements, allergies and medical information and birthdays) without flicking through paper records.  The system generates up-to-date electronic* registers based on the current booking status and flags the register with a child's important information.   
  • Generating a number of different templated documents, such as booking confirmations, invoices and registers. The system also automatically generates parent statements, payment plans and payment reminders.

    * Paper registers can be printed and automatically sent via email to staff or schools, but most settings prefer to use a tablet to view the live registers, which also enables parents to digitally sign their children in and out of your setting.
The system makes organisation more efficient, in what ways?

Here are some of the ways magicbooking streamlines your processes and practices to make your club or setting more efficient:

  • Automation tools
    These tools include document generation and electronic communications, which can save you time and money, as well as allowing you to deploy your resources and efforts on more rewarding tasks, like expanding your organisation or focusing on the children in your care. The system fully automates:

    Registrations - A 24/7 online booking system means parents can register, add and update their children's information. No need to re-key information, chase up parents for contact details or allergies, and it eliminates errors and stores all documentation electronically.

    Bookings - Parents can book online using live availability, the system calculates discounts and enables booking cancellations. No more unnecessary calls either, and increased business opportunities.

  • 24/7 service availability
    Parents can book and pay for services whenever it is convenient. This improves customer satisfaction and builds better relationships, as well as increasing potential revenue streams and reducing the resources you need to run an efficient booking system. You can also accept last minute bookings, while attendance registers are auto-updated. 

  • Electronic documentation
    Save time looking for documents as everything is stored electronically, all in one place. You save room on filing cabinets, save money on paper and printing and of course reduce your carbon footprint. The system automatically builds and updates electronic daily registers and invoices and payment reminders are automatically generated and sent to parents.

  • More financial options and control
    The system offers you financial reporting, giving you more granular insight into your finances, so you can make more informed decisions. It offers flexible payment options including online payment plans while overdraft thresholds reduce debt levels and saves time chasing payments. All card payments are automatically reconciled on the system, and childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare can be tracked.
  • Brings many organisational activities and functions into one platform
    Juggling a lot of software platforms and apps can lead to headaches for parents and staff when trying to manage many activities. You can now save money and time as you can take bookings, payments and communicate with parents, within one system. Schools can manage bookings and communication for wraparound care, school clubs, trips, parents evenings and school dinners.
The system improves the way you communicate with your customers, how?

With magicbooking you can communicate with parents and send out your latest newsletter, urgent information and links to resources and offers. 

You can also:

  • Deliver a range of messages using email templates and save them for a later date to resend.
  • Directly communicate with different groups of people (using filters such as newly registered users, school attended, children's age group, classrooms, activity booked etc) or communicate to all parents.
  • Send emails instantly or schedule for a specific time and date of your choice.
  • You can choose to distribute urgent information via SMS rather than using email. This can be to a specific group of parents or  all your contacts.
  • Fully comply with GDPR, offering an opt-out feature for customers that do not want to receive promotional emails. You can override this feature and send out urgent communication to all parents.

Interested in finding out more?

Call us on 0333 987 4717, email us at info@magicbooking.co.uk, use our enquiry form or book a demo.

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