From idea to reality - the journey so far ...

Start of something big

In 2015, Franck Merlin and Carine Grascher, the co-founders of magicbooking, designed an online booking system to help Wandsworth Council automate their childcare service, which was originally handled through the telephone.  

After delivering the project at Wandsworth successfully, Franck and Carine realised many wraparound care providers were crying out for a booking system to help them streamline their resource-intensive daily tasks and administration and provide a user-friendly online booking platform for their parents.  

Rapid expansion

Since 2016 when they set-up magicbooking, the business has grown rapidly and the system has been implemented in a variety of businesses and organisations, these include small independent club owners, large scale club providers with multiple locations, schools, academies, charities and Local Authorities. 

Andrew Norton joined magicbooking in 2018, the founder of the UK's leading wraparound childcare provider, Energy Kidz, he exited the business when it was acquired by an international wraparound care provider in 2019. At this point Energy Kidz operated with over 120 sites across 18 counties. Energy Kidz tripled in size after it started using magicbooking, and Andrew believes that magicbooking was instrumental to the success of the business. You can read more in the Energy Kidz case study.

Expansion into schools

In 2019, the magicbooking team identified that many primary schools were using disconnected, costly and inefficient systems to manage school activities such as school dinners, extra-curricular clubs, residential and day trips, parents' evenings and of course, wraparound care.

To overcome the issue and streamline processes, they created a one-stop solution to efficiently manage all school services from one single system. Read more about the solution in our Pegasus Academy case study.

Booking system pioneers

Each individual at magicbooking takes pride in delivering a market-leading system. To ensure that it remains the best solution out there, we work very closely with our clients, constantly seeking their feedback and are always on the lookout for new features to implement. We are excited for the future, as there are many organisations looking to move away from inefficient and tedious paper-based processes, and we can just make this happen. There are many schools and academies using disjointed systems and spending hours on data consolidation, and we can help them manage and automate many of their activities so they can maximise their budget, reduce time taken to complete laborious admin tasks and of course focus on much more important and enjoyable aspects of school life!

Magicbooking today 

We’re proud to be the system of choice for so many customers, whether they are schools, out-of-school clubs, nurseries, charities or local authorities. We have lots of customers around the UK and this continues to grow. As you can see from our customer map, we are confident we can meet the need of anyone looking for a payment, booking and management system for wraparound childcare clubs, extra-curricular clubs, schools dinners, parents evenings and trips.

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