"Our service has developed significantly since introducing magicbooking. It has freed us up from endless paperwork and allows us to focus on providing the best childcare"  

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Customer profile 

Energykidz is a provider of wraparound childcare for children aged 4-11, passionate about delivering a high quality, reliable service to families and schools. The childcare company, Energy Kidz, runs over hundred clubs of varying sizes, they use magicbooking's out-of-school club software for each setting regardless of size and benefits from reporting at a club level and/or across all clubs.

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The impact of Magicbooking

When Energy Kidz first started using magicbooking, they had 33 school sites and six people in their customer care team. Since then, the business has grown steadily to reach over 120 sites, while the customer care team has been reduced to two members of staff, allowing four members of staff to be redeployed to other strategic areas of the business.

Cost savings
Many front office admin tasks have been automated so staff from the customer-facing team have been redeployed to other areas of the business.

Enhanced service quality
Staff are freed from many labour-intensive tasks, so they can concentrate on providing high quality childcare.

Improved safeguarding
Up-to-date information about children is available at a touch of a button and a secure encrypted system means data is in safe hands.

Business growth
The leadership team have more time to focus on growing the business, with improved decision making and access to financial and business reporting.

Satisfied Parents
Parents have easier and more convenient access to booking, paying and checking availability for their childcare. Parents also love the improved communication!

Increased profitability
With improved handling of payments, greater transparency of the business' financial position, improved cash flow and a reduction in customer debt, profits have increased.   

Improved staff motivation
Staff can easily access information from a central electronic record when they need it, enabling them to focus on what they love to do most - look after the children in their care. 

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"We feel our service has developed significantly since the introduction of the Magicbooking online booking system, by freeing us from endless paperwork and therefore allowing us to focus on providing the best care for the children, safe in the knowledge that we always have the most up-to-date information from the parents."

Tina Frenett, Director, Energy Kidz

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